My Intro to Homeopathy: Amazing Surgery Recovery

12 Nov

IMG_5308 - Copy“People need motivation to do anything. I don’t think human beings learn anything without desperation.”  –Jim Carrey

Our children often inspire us to do things we might not normally do.  A desire to help my youngest daughter, Molly, pushed me into the world of homeopathy.  As is often the case, I turned to alternative medicine after we had exhausted all other avenues.  Fear of the unfamiliar may hold us back for a while, but desperation often gives us that necessary push over the edge.

Only 8 years old, Molly had already suffered through numerous surgeries for hip dysplasia and was soon due for another to remove multiple pins and screws from her femur.  Determined to help her recovery be better than previous times, I took an online homeopathy class, trying to learn as much as I could before the impending date.

Arnica works wonders for swelling and bruising.

Arnica works wonders for swelling and bruising.

When the surgery date arrived, I had my remedies all ready to go.  I showed Molly a bottle and told her that I would be offering it as soon as she came out of surgery.  When we met her in the recovery room, I gave her the first dose, continuing every hour.  The nurse gave us a prescription for a narcotic, which I dutifully accepted, but never filled.  Why not?

Because Molly didn’t need the drugs. 

Without the heavy drugs that do such a number on the nervous system, Molly’s mental emotional state was markedly different from other recoveries.  Instead of being prone to tears and moodiness, she was calm and relaxed.  Instead of a drug-induced daze, she was bright-eyed and aware.   Also, without the meds, we bypassed the unpleasant side effect of constipation that always accompanied them, as well as the stool softeners and prune juice, which never seemed to work. The homeopathic remedy decreased the swelling and inflammation, at the same time reducing her pain.

We sailed through the first day with ease.  Anticipating the typical uncomfortable night, she surprised us once again by sleeping through till morning.  She felt so good the next day, we had to keep telling her to sit down and stop walking and moving so fast.

What a marked contrast to all her other recoveries!  After a 4-inch long incision and the removal of 7 screws from her bones, Molly only took 2 doses of children’s pain reliever.  The remedies had done the trick. We had witnessed her recovery from surgery many times before, and this one displayed a difference of day and night. What a great first exposure to the wonderful world of homeopathy.  I couldn’t wait to learn more.

Years later, Molly had a little friend who also had hip dysplasia and was awaiting surgery.  I offered her mother a bottle of Arnica for swelling and bruising and gave a quick lesson on homeopathy.  Her mom seemed a little unsure, but accepted it.  After the surgery, she shot me an email: “What is that magic stuff you gave me?  It worked like a miracle!”  It’s always fun when Arnica is someone’s first exposure to homeopathy—it makes a believer out of everyone.

So the next time you or someone you know is due for surgery, arm yourself with remedies like Arnica that heal without uncomfortable side effects… and get ready to be amazed.

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