Too Much of a Good Thing?

30 Dec
Too Much of a Good Thing?

My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.  – Orson Welles

Christmas and New Year’s Eve can often be a time of over-indulgence with all the yummy treats and snacks. What can you do to feel better after too much of a good thing?

When we moved to the farm, after a hard day of loading and unloading boxes, our family celebrated by going out to eat in our new little town.  Katie, who usually eats with more self control than the rest of us put together, cut loose and enjoyed the delicious Mexican food.  When we returned home, she flopped onto the bed and held her stomach, moaning, “Ugh, I ate too much!”IMG_5805

I knew what remedy to reach for—Nux Vomica.  A big remedy for overindulgence, whether from too much food, too much work, or too much alcohol, Nux V is the choice for too much of a good thing.  To help you remember, just notice that “Vomica” sounds like “vomiting,” which is what someone who needs this remedy might feel like doing. They may also feel bloated and want to loosen the waist of their now-tight clothing.

My homeopathy book says that “Anxious wives put it in the soup of those husbands who were getting out of hand with working all hours, drinking and smoking too much, and becoming generally abusive.” (Not condoning secret dosing.)

You can also use homeopathy on animals, so if your dog gets into the dog-food bag and is the typical canine that eats until he’s sick, try Nux Vomica on him, too.

Of course, nothing beats good ol’ self-control, and overeating has its consequences, but if you’ve found you’ve overdone it this time of year, reach for the Nux Vomica and enjoy its healing effects.

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