Sledding Woes and Homeopathy

19 Feb
Sledding Woes and Homeopathy

One of the very best reasons for having children is to be reminded of the incomparable joys of a snow day. — Susan Orlean

This year we had a late snow storm, and even though my 4 kids are big, they all jumped at the chance to go sledding.  (It’s so nice now when they are older and I don’t have to help them all get their snow stuff on.)  But when they came home a few hours later, spewing their wet things into the entry way, I quickly found that all was not right with 17-year-old Caleb.

As the story was told, I learned that near the end of the afternoon, the kids had all linked together to make a train.  Screams of glee turned to screams of pain when the train hit the corner of a railroad tie, hidden in the snow. Caleb and his friend, who were in the middle, took the brunt of the accident, their saucer shattering beneath them.  By the time he got home, Caleb’s wounded tailbone was causing immense pain. He laid down on the bed and stayed there the whole evening.

Of course, I went for my homeopathic remedies.  My first thought was Arnica—always great for injuries involving bruising, swelling, and soreness. I was confident in my choice—Arnica worked wonders for me many times in the past.  But after several doses, Caleb was still in a lot of pain.  In fact, he was nauseous whenever he stood.  I was stumped until I heard Caleb mention a friend who had fractured her tailbone. Ah ha! I needed a remedy for an injured bone!  I quickly switched him to Symphytum—a wonderful remedy for easing the pain and speeding the healing of broken or fractured bones.  I gave Caleb a dose and within 20 minutes he appeared from the bedroom for the first time that night.  “It’s working, Mom!” he exclaimed as he walked around.  “I feel a difference already.”  I was excited at the sudden change.

Then I remembered the words of Joette Calabrese, a homeopath whose blog I follow and whose classes I take. She had said once, “If you choose a remedy and it doesn’t seem to be working, it’s not because homeopathy doesn’t work; it’s because you chose the wrong remedy.”

Was Arnica the wrong choice?  Under “Arnica,” my homeopathy book reads, “Give in the first stage of a fracture where there is swelling and bruising.  Move on to Symphytum once the swelling has gone down.”  So I have no doubt that Arnica helped with the swelling and bruising.  But in this case, to deal with the specific pain of an injured bone, it was necessary to switch remedies. I probably should have just done it sooner.

Symphytum is what is called a small remedy.  That means it is used for only a few specific things.  Besides healing bones, Sympytum is also good for injuries to the eye and for soft tissue damage.  A few months ago, it was a great help to my dad when he was recovering from rotator cuff surgery.

So if this winter someone in your family hurts a bone in a sledding accident, or in warmer weather they fall out of a tree, grab the Arnica first. But when the swelling goes down, switch to Symphytum and don’t be surprised at the speed of the healing.


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2 responses to “Sledding Woes and Homeopathy

  1. Mary Conley

    February 20, 2015 at 2:33 AM

    Great blog, Amy, and you are getting to be quite the expert. Tell Caleb, that Grandma has had similar hurts twice and I sympathize. The video sure brought back memories!
    Love to all! Mom

  2. Amy S.

    February 20, 2015 at 5:20 AM

    Thanks, Mom! This brought back memories for me, too. In junior high, a boy pulled a chair out from under me and I came down hard on my tailbone on the tile floor. Just then the fire alarm sounded and I had to try and walk down the stairs and out into the school yard. Naughty boys!


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