Testing Probiotics–Is Mine Good?

25 Oct

Many people often have a probiotic they bought off a drug store shelf, unrefrigerated.  After learning what to look for in a probiotic, they wonder if the one they already bought is any good.  Should they keep it?  Throw it away? Here’s a test I found which might help you determine if your probiotic is alive and ready to work.1

IMG_3596Is my Probiotic Active: Science Experiment

2 liquid containers (clean yogurt cups, plastic cups, mugs, shallow bowls, whatever. Just make sure they are similar in size and shape.)
1 cup of soy or regular milk.
2-3 sample probiotic pills from your bottle. (Note: I used only 2 pills, and saw definite results. First I tried just 1 pill, but 1 wasn’t enough.  The original instructions say use 2-4 pills, but I think 2 should be enough. Less waste of expensive pills.)

Pour 1/2 cup of soy or regular milk in each container.
Split open your pills and sprinkle the contents into ONE of the containers. Mix it well into the milk.
Wait overnight, or roughly 8-10 hour to check the results.

If the milk containing the probiotic curdles, clumps or firms,it is proven to be active. I can’t guarantee all of the strains listed on the bottle are active, but at least some of them are. If the milk appears the same in both containers (watery and not curdled), you have an inactive bottle. Get your money back!  

Hope that helps. Now go have some scientific fun!


1“Is My Probiotic Supplement Active? Easy At-Home Test!”

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