Healing Ear Infections without Antibiotics: Part 2

31 Oct
Healing Ear Infections without Antibiotics: Part 2

In Part 1 of Healing Ear Infections, I wrote about using garlic oil in the ear to heal without antibiotics.  When I had little ones, that is the only approach I knew about.  But since then I have learned about homeopathy, and now I have a new arsenal for attacking ear infections.  

Homeopathy is not one-size-fits-all.  The remedy is chosen by looking at the individual’s symptoms and matching them to the best remedy.  If you have Miranda Castro’s homeopathy book, you can look up the symptoms there.  If not, you can go to my homeopath’s amazing website and search “Ear Infections.”  That’s where the following list comes from:


My trusty homeopathy handbook and remedy kit

My trusty homeopathy handbook and remedy kit

Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Infections

  • Aconite
    Throbbing ear pain
    that comes on suddenly after exposure to cold or wind. For children with high fever and ears that are bright red in color. Feet are hot when there is a fever.
  • Belladonna
    Sudden onset of infection; piercing pain that often spreads to the neck, flushed face, red ears, agitation, may seem delirious or have nightmares, wide eyed stare, high fever, swollen glands; The child feels relief when sitting upright and from warm compresses to the ear.
  • Chamomilla
    Intense ear pain and extreme irritability, anger or screaming.  The child is difficult to comfort unless being rocked or carried back and forth.
  • Hepar Sulphur
    Sharp pains
    and a smelly, yellowish-green discharge in the middle and late stages of an ear infection. The child is extremely moody and clearly angry; symptoms are worsened by cold air and improved by warmth.
  • Lycopodium
    Right side ear pain
    that is worse in the late afternoon and early evening. The child will generally say ears feel stuffed up and  may hear a ringing or buzzing sound.  The child is insecure and need others around, but may act like a bully as a defense mechanism.
  • Mercurius
    Good for chronic ear infections; for acute or chronic pain that is worse at night and may extend down into the throat; relief comes from nose blowing. The child may sweat or drool a lot and have bad breath. Often left sided.
  • Pulsatilla
    Infection following exposure to cold or damp weather; the ear is often red and may have a yellowish/greenish discharge; ear pain worsens when sleeping in a warm bed and is relieved by cool compresses. The child will tend to be gentle, weepy, and whiny and are easily soothed by affection. Often left sided.
  • Silicea
    For chronic or late stage infection.  The child feels chilly, weak, and tired; sweating may also be present.

I love homeopathy for many reasons, one of which is it has no bad side effects.  It gently bumps the body’s immune system in the right direction and helps the body heal itself.  You certainly can’t say that about antibiotics.  I also love that with a kit of remedies at home, I am ready to treat most any acute sickness that comes up–no running to the doctor’s office at inopportune times and being exposed to more illness, or hoping the pharmacy is open in the middle of the night.  I have what I need right in my own home.  It gives a great sense of security and empowerment. And you can still use homeopathy along with the garlic oil, if you want. Then you can hit the ear infection with a left and right hook and knock it out in no time!  (And did I mention no side effects?!)


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2 responses to “Healing Ear Infections without Antibiotics: Part 2

  1. Kari J. Kindem

    November 2, 2015 at 8:27 AM

    This is Amy’s Homeopath, Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CHP, CEASE and classical homeopath based in San Jose, CA. Homeopathy for ear infections works, and fast – and most importantly, it keeps you OUT of the doctor’s office and away from the vaccination agenda. I recommend water dosing in all acutes – learn more about how to water dose here

  2. Mary Conley

    November 3, 2015 at 6:53 AM

    I hope mothers of young children read this!


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