Hepar Sulph: the Homeopathic Infection Fighter

23 Jan
Hepar Sulph: the Homeopathic Infection Fighter

Often people take antibiotics because they think it is the only way to fight infection.  They don’t know what else to do.  I once fell into that category.

But since I have been learning about homeopathy, I have discovered a wonderful remedy that gives infection a powerful punch without the harmful side effects of antibiotics. (For more information, please read the series of posts on the importance of gut health and the negative role antibiotics can play on your gut health and immune system.) That amazing remedy is Hepar Sulphuris, or Hep-S for short.

Hep-S pushes out infection.  When my teenage daughter got her wisdom teeth pulled, we declined the antibiotics.  When one of the empty sockets began to have a rotten feeling after a few days, it was Hep-S that she took and the feeling disappeared within 24 hours.

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Boils can be healed with Hep-S.

When a friend’s husband had a scary-looking boil on his neck, Hep-S was one of the remedies we used to heal it–with no antibiotics.

When my son had a toenail that was growing wrong and he had to have part of it cut out, the foot doctor offered an antibiotic.  I declined.  Why? My son currently had no infection.  We planned to keep it clean an well-cared for and if he did get an infection, I knew I could reach for the Hep-S.

Another time that same son accidentally cut open his shin almost to the bone with a machete.  The doctor stitched it up and offered an antibiotic.  Again, for the same reasons, I refused: no current infection and I had Hep-S in my arsenal just in case.

Other situations that may warrant the use of Hep-S:

• abscesses in glands and teeth; a toothache that feels worse for cold
• colds with green or yellow snot that drips down the back of the throat, with sneezing, and pains in the bones of the nose
• earaches with a smelly discharge
• inflamed cuts and wounds with pains that are sore and splinter-like; may have pus forming
• sore throats with swollen tonsils, pains spreading up to ears, splinter-like feeling in the throat, feels worse for cold air and cold drinks
• skin with painful, deep cracks
• inflammation with infection

Conditions that may be better with the use of Hep-S often have swollen glands, are worse for cold, and have splinter-like pains. See my homeopath’s website for a list of more symptoms:

So the next time you find yourself with an infection, consider that homeopathy may be a viable option to you.  Instead of a medicine that harms your immune system, try an option with no side effects and action that helps the body to heal itself–the amazing Hep-S!


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