Boils, and Carbuncles and Pus. Oh, My!

31 Jul
Boils, and Carbuncles and Pus. Oh, My!

“Thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood.” –Shakespeare, King Lear

When a friend of mine asked for help with healing her husband’s boil without antibiotics, I was a little unsure of myself at first.  But once again, homeopathy proved itself a formidable ally. (Gross photo warning!)

My friend’s husband had suffered with a wicked boil last year–one that was treated with some potent antibiotics.  But this year, when one appeared on the front of his neck, they wanted to try a different approach.

We decided on Hepar Sulph 30x and Silica 6x.  Hepar Sulph is a great remedy for pushing out infection.  I used it with my daughter Katie when she got her wisdom teeth out and avoided antibiotics. Silica is another remedy known for pushing things out.  We used the 6x potency. I usually use higher potencies, but our research results tended toward the lower ones this time.

He also soaked the boil site in hydrogen peroxide and strong salt water.

The boil (one head) grew into a carbuncle (multiple heads) and at times they waffled about going to the urgent care.   But ultimately they decided to keep treating it with homeopathy. Sometimes it was hard to tell if it was getting better and pushing out infection, or getting worse. But soon they could tell that things had turned a corner–the monstrous sore was definitely improving.  They were so excited at the progress, and without antibiotics!

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Why the effort to avoid antibiotics?  Because antibiotics destroy good bacteria in your gut, along with the bad. The gut bacteria is where 80% of your immune system is housed. Destroy it, and you weaken your whole body. (See previous articles on this topic.)

In contrast, homeopathy helps the body to heal itself, without the side effects of antibiotics. The body learns to attack the problem and conquer it, making it stronger and better able to deal with the issue by itself next time. Instead of weakening it, it strengthens it!

I saw this when my youngest daughter had multiple ear infections as a baby.  She kept getting more and more infections, and soon we had to change to a more potent antibiotic. Then I learned other ways to deal with ear infections without the drugs.  Her body learned to overcome on its own and she stopped getting ear infections.

I think this will be the case with my friend’s husband.  He is prone to these boils, but now that his body has learned to kick it out, he might not get any more.  Or if he does, his body will resolve the problem faster.

And of course, now my friend has her homeopathic arsenal ready to go and can give the body a helping hand right away.  Yay, homeopathy!


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2 responses to “Boils, and Carbuncles and Pus. Oh, My!

  1. jason conley

    July 31, 2016 at 6:25 PM

    YEAH !!!! Great post 😉

  2. Linda Bronenkamp

    August 1, 2016 at 5:55 AM

    Wow amazing post Amy …. thank you for sharing all your wisdom regarding homeopathy.


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